A Short Service for 2 May

    Click Here for a Short Service for this Sunday God Bless xx   Reverend Jonathan’s Letter Dear All, I am writing this letter you just after Holy Week and Easter. This is a time when we contemplate the suffering of Jesus and celebrate his resurrection. There was a quote given to me a … Read more

The Gift of turning Loss to Gain

Our mums had an incredible gift for turning loss to gain; making the castoff reusable; turning the mundane into an adventure; transforming sadness into joy. From Sad to Glad This is Grandma Margaret.  She was the first person in England to receive the vaccination to fight the Coronavirus.  That one injection is making a great … Read more

Revd. Trevor’s Letter

Feeling Secure in the Truth of Jesus’ Words Working Out what the Truth is   Over the last few years, there have been increasing attacks on truth and common sense. Worse still, a growth of conspiracy theories saying things like the government is deliberately misleading us; scientists and doctors are tricking us; the BBC is … Read more

Revd. Jonathan’s Letter

  Dear All, Happy New Year to everyone! Do you remember that famous film footage of Her Majesty the Queen standing at a dinner in the Guildhall in London and saying in her speech that 1992 had been her ‘Annus Horibilis’? The Queen said the second word ‘Horibilis’ very slowly and with real determination. 1992 … Read more